iPad Air

iPad Air買いました。初代iPadからの買い替えです。なにしろ初代iPadはiOS7どころかiOS6すら動きませんでしたから、以前からずっと買い替えようと思って新モデルの発表を待っていました。

当初は、買い替えるなら軽いiPad Miniにしようかと思い、MiniのRetina化を待ってました。期待通りRetinaのMiniが発表されましたが、発売はしばらく後、それも品薄が予想されるとの噂。


これでAir Playでミラーリングもできるし、時計も使えるし、通信も処理速度も速くなり、iWorkも無料で手に入ってiPhoneでも使えるようになりました。

I bought iPad Air. It replaces my old 1st generation iPad. On 1st gen iPad, iOS7 does not work, even iOS6 does not work, so I have been frustrated and longing for the new model.

At first, I was more interested in iPad Mini, which is far lighter than iPad, and waiting for iPad Mini Retina. As expected, it was announced, but not available later this month. I also heard a rumour that it will be in short of supply.

iPad Air announced at the same time has a significant improvement in the weight. Comparing with 1st gen iPad, it's weight is almost half. Amazing. When I visited the shop on the day of launch, there were enough stocks. If the weight is light enough, bigger screen should be better for me. Then I decided to buy it.

Now I am happy with Air Play mirroring, clocks, faster communication & processing, and I can use iWork for free on both iPad and iPhone.


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