My Photo Life in 2013


まず機材ですが、シンガポールに移る際にそれまでもっていたカメラを大幅に整理し、OM-D E-M5に一本化しました。次に被写体ですが、四季の変化がないのは被写体を非常に限定してしまうということを感じています。日本では季節ごとに違う風景や植物があり、同じ人物や場所であっても季節が変わればまた違う写真が撮れます。こちらではそのようなことがないので、違う場所に赴くしかありません。


2013 was a year of big changes for me. It also changed my way camera and photography life.

In terms of camera, upon moving to Singapore, I sold many cameras I owned and brought only OM-D E-M5 with me. In terms of objects for shooting, I am feeling that this country without four seasons really limits things I can shoot. In Japan, change of seasons offered me variety of photos even with the same people and places. Here what I can do to take different photos is to visit different places.

The only solution is to always bring camera, hence I added NEX-6, which is further smaller than OM-D without too much compromising the photo quality. Singapore is a small country but I still have many places I have never been. In next year, I want to take more photos with bringing NEX-6.


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