New Camera


で、新しいカメラを買っちゃいました。オリンパスのSTYLUS 1。コンデジです。


今回STYLUS 1を購入した直接の動機は、旅行に際して荷物を減らすため。レンズ一体型で28mmから300mmまでF2.8通しでカバーできるので、望遠レンズも単焦点レンズも持って行かなくて大丈夫。センサーサイズは小さいので画質とボケは妥協するしかありませんが、それよりもシャッターチャンス重視です。

It has been a month since last update. I will be out of town until early next month, so I will upload new photos in this year after I come back.

I bought a new camera. Olympus STYLUS 1. It's a compact digital camera, not lens interchangeable.

Recently I really think that bringing camera and releasing the shutter is the most important for photo shooting. Big & heavy body and many lenses make me feel reluctant to take out, especially when going out with family. However, some objects cannot be shot without appropriate lens. Even with lenses, shooting chance may be often missed while changing lenses.

Now I bought STYLUS 1 to reduce stuffs for my coming travel. STYLUS 1 covers FF-equivalent 28mm-300mm with constant F2.8. No need to have tele zoom or single focal lenses. The size of the sensor is small and I need to compromise the quality and bokeh. But I want to prioritise not missing the chances.


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