It has been a while from the last post. Now I want to restart.

Recent digital cameras have wifi function, and manufacturers are offering free app for mobile devices like iPhone. I have ever used apps from Sony, Canon, and Olympus, and Olympus's OI.Share is significantly easier to use and having many useful functions.

Probably all apps will let you import photos from your cameras. Live view shooting and remote release will also be available in most apps. In addition to these, OI.Share enables you to log GPS records and embedding them into your photos. Furthermore, Olympus's proprietary art filter can be applied to your photos. It is available not only to those shot by Olympus's but all photos in the device, including iPhone's photos or those imported from non-Olympus cameras. Hence, if you are interested in art filters, even you are not an Olympus user, it may be worth downloading and trying.


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