Prospect for 2015




Happy new year to you all.

In last year, I again bought a new camera and lenses. I don't regret it, I rather think I made a good choice. α6000 looks similar to NEX-6 but it actually is a different, much better camera, in terms of usability and photo quality. Zeiss lenses make the quality even higher.

I am interested in full-frame E-mount cameras. The barrier is that it costs a lot to have a range of full-frame lenses. It may not make sense to use full-frame sensor with APS-C lenses and crop-only. There is a rumor of  higher-grade APS-C E-mount camera, so I may want to wait for hearing more about it. At the same time, I am also interested in 4K photo, which is currently equipped only by some Panasonic cameras. Anyway, what I can say now is that most likely I would again spend for photography this year.


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