Another Zeiss

実は昨年秋にツァイスレンズをもう一本ゲットしておりました。Sonnar T* E 24mm F1.8 ZA (SEL24F18Z)です。

海外旅行に行くにあたって、標準ズームの16-70mmに加えあと1本何を持って行こうか考えました。明るい単焦点となると手持ちの機材では35mm F1.8か50mm F1.8。海外旅行ということを考えると、もう少し広い画角が欲しいところ。そこで24mm F1.8。手振れ補正が無いのが気になりますが、画質と画角はニーズに完璧にマッチします。ソニーストアの店員さんには10-18mmの広角ズームも勧められました。評判も良いですし気にはなりましたが、旅行以外ではここまでの広角が必要になるケースはないということから、24mmを購入しました。こちらで買うとものすごく値段が高いので、円安ということもあり日本で買ってお取り寄せ。


Actually I have bought another Zeiss lens last autumn. It's Sonnar T* E 24mm F1.8 ZA (SEL24F18Z).

I was thinking what lens I should bring for oversea trip.  One should be standard zoom 16-70mm and I want to bring one another. I have wide aperture fixed-focal, 35mm F1.8 and 50mm F1.8. But I will need a bit wider FOV, considering for oversea trip. Then 24mm F1.8 is the option. Though it does not have OSS, quality and FOV perfectly match my needs. Sony Store person recommended 10-18mm wide zoom too. It looks also very good, but I will not need such super wide angle for my daily use, only need for the trip. So I decided to buy 24mm. Here in Singapore the price of this lens is very expensive. Recent currency exchange rate helped me to buy it in Japan and shipped to me.

This was really right choice to buy this lens. Quite excellent image quality. If I am careful enough to prevent shaking and focus comes to the point, the image is very sharp. I am looking forward to new APS-C camera with 5-axis image stabilisation built-in the body. I will upload photos taken with this lens soon.


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