Plan for Next





I have not updated this blog for more than 6 months since the beginning of the year. I was too busy for private matters and did not have time to photo shoot. And I am now thinking of the plan of my cameras and of this blog.

For cameras, what's in my mind now is to get a full frame camera. I have almost full line-up of APS-C E lenses, so it's a bit regret (in Japanese, "mottainai"). But I really want a full frame one soon, then gradually replace E lenses with FE lenses. I will graduate from m4/3 because I have limited storage and budget.

Then about this blog, I am thinking of consolidating with previous blog. This blog does not have many access, especially from outside of Japan despite of being written in English too. It does not justify my effort to write English sentences, and is very demotivating. On the other hand, previous blog keeps stable access even it is not updated at all. So I would get back to the old style of writing blog articles.

Until the circumstance is well prepared for the restart, I may not be writing another articles again. But I appreciate you stay tuned for my next updates.


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